[Review] Review of my piece at Seoul International Computer Music Festival 2008

Shift No. 1 by the Matrix Duo was performed by the core members of the Matrix Duo, Byong-oh Ko and Sangbong Nam, along with the members of Su:m. According to the SICMF program notes, the “Matrix Duo strives to shift from previous art to new art through electronic music. ShiftNo. 1 is the first piece created for the project. In the piece, Matrix Duo experiments with new possibilities for Korean traditional music.” It was obvious that the musicians were comfortable with this arrangement. The zither performers on ajaeng and gayageum were perfectly in tune with each other and played with coordinated ensemble as they punctuated the sparse texture with intermittently plucked notes at the octave.  The computers processed the bowed electronic haegeum and the piri effectively. The overall effect was simultaneously meditative and hypnotic. Underneath the texture of Su:m was the subtle processing of the Matrix Duo. They demonstrated musical discipline by holding back processes and slowly letting them develop with the performers. By the end, they were utilizing 8-channel special effects and guiding the work to its logical and climactic conclusion.


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