Live Electronic Compositions

  • Shift No. 1 – The first work of the Shift project* for traditional Korean instruments and Live Electro-acoustic music, Collaborating musician: Su:m, Traditional Korean Music Group (2009) Listen part 1 / Listen part 2
  • Shift No. 2 _ Quickening the Bass – The second work of the Shift project for Contemporary Jazz Double Bass and Live Electro-acustic Music, Collaborating musician: Ken Bruce, Contemporary Jazz bass (2010) Listen

The Shift project* : On the keyboard, 「Shift」 key changes the original function and extends it when used in combination with other keys. It also expands the rules to show more details to the users to give control over system. The composer seeks to make a new music from previous art forms through the computer music

  • Forget Me Not – A live electro-acoustic music for Haegeum* and computer music (2007)

Haegeum* is a traditional Korean string instrument, resembling a fiddle.

Fixed Electronic Compositions

  • Awaken* – A processed bell piece for fixed tape music (4ch/2ch) Listen
  • Awaken II – A processed big drum piece for fixed tape music commissioned by ASCAP/SEAMUS Student Competition (4ch/2ch) Listen
  • Awaken III – A fixed tape music with the sound of a wooden fish drum and a metal cloud plate (2ch)

Awaken* : In Buddhism, people use sound to awaken the world every morning. It was an interesting challenge for the composer to use “sound” to awaken the world. The original source of this piece is a singing bowl, one of the instruments that Buddhists use in temple. With this sound, the piece awakens a new sonic world.

Acoustic Compositions

  • Dawn – A work for Orchestra (2012)
  • Invisible Movement – A work for solo violin dedicated to the violinist Kara Nam (2012) Listen
  • Begin on the C – A piano work for algorithmic composition interact with a piano performer (2011)
  • Yearning – An small ensemble piece for Flute, Clarinet in Bb, Violin, Viola, Cello, and Percussion (2007)
  • Gradation – A work for piano trio (2006)(2010)

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